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Demolishing homes in the Jordan Valley

The tin homes of ten Bedouin families in the Jordan valley were demolished on Tuesday morning, and power meters confiscated, residents said, leaving dozens homeless.

The Bedouin hamlet of Fasayil, north of Jericho, was invaded by 14 Israeli military jeeps escorting two bulldozers at 6 a.m., resident Wahid Ali told Ma’an.

While most of the materials were simply crushed and buried, Ali noted, soldiers confiscated power meters after disconnecting them from the power grid.

More details and images on the Jordan Valley solidarity website:

At 6 o’clock this morning, about 10 military jeeps, one civil administration car and 3 bulldozers entered Fasayel Wasta and Foqa, turning the area into a ‘closed military area’, preventing anybody to enter the village for more than 3 hours.

Large-scale demolitions in Fasayil, Jordan Valley, 14.06.2011